PixelScrapper CU Blog Train – June 2018


Hello Lovelies!

This is my part for the June 2018 blog train. These are LAYERED birthday candles for you to change into any color.  You can download my part here:  A Beautiful Mess!   Enjoy!



May 2018 Pixel Scrapper CU Blog Train

Hello there Lovelies! It has been a while since I’ve participated in the  Pixel Scrapper Blog Train. Well here I am. 🙂 Each month we have a particular theme to work on in creating  commercial use products.  This month May 2018, the theme is Anniversary. I wasn’t quite sure on what I wanted to do for the anniversary theme, but I did some digging around the Internet, and got some ideas. I hope that you like these layered templates. Did I say layered? Well yes I did. Change them to any color theme that you want. I hope that you enjoy using them. I have two bears, a banner, a tree, and a bottle of champagne.

Please be sure to check out the other designers’ cu products in this blog train and be sure to leave them some love since they work really hard at creating their products.

Thank you and have a good day!

You may download these templates here: (A Beautiful Mess – CU Anniversary Blog Train).


Pixelscrapper CU Blog Train

Hello, hello it’s Sharon from A Beautiful Mess here. I have some basic layered patterns that I think you may want in your designer stash. I just started creating layered patterns and got quite hooked. Now I want to move on to more intricate patterns. I think they will be created in Illustrator. I will be taking classes in order to do that.

Pixelscrapper is having another CU designer blog train. We had to create layered patterns. I found this challenge to be quite fun! I hope that you enjoy!

You may download them here: DROPBOX