Hello world! My name is Sharon and I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years. About 4 years ago I discovered digital scrapbooking. At first I was buying kits and making layouts. However, within 3 months, I went straight to designing. It was truly love at first sight!

I currently live with my wonderful mom and my dog Summer. We live in sunny California. From our front lawn, you can see the Hollywood sign up in the Hollywood hills. You know the one where it is a famous landmark for television. I know that Jimmy Kimel uses it for his set on the Jimmy Kimel show.

About my dog Summer, she loves to play fetch, and belly rubs and tickles. Did you know that dogs know how to laugh? Well they do. When I give Summer belly tickles, she has a low haaa, haaa  panting sound coming from her mouth. Both she and my mom are my world.

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Please enjoy your day!